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God is Gracious Featured

  • Written by  Michael Ojukwu




TEXT: Psalms 145:8, Psalms 86:15, Ex. 34:6

1.0 What is grace?

Grace is the disposition to oblige another person or to be kind. God’s Grace is God’s disposition to be kind, not as merit of the receiver but on the strength of the law of grace. It is the law that enables the sovereign God do anything He desires without giving account to any other person apart from Himself.

2.0 Examples of the work of Grace:

  • Man’s creation is a work of Grace. Adam did not come into existence by merit. To add to that God empowered Adam to be fruitful, increase and replenish the earth. To crown it all He gave Adam dominion over all living things.
  • God’s choice of Abraham was a work of Grace. Abraham was worshiping idols with his family when God called him.
  • God’s choice of David to be the king of Israel was a work of Grace against family preferences.
  • God’s deliverance of Israel from Egypt was also a work of Grace.
  • It is the Grace of God that made Him to prefer Jacob to Esau even from the womb.
  • It is the grace of God that took Joseph out of prison and made him a Prime Minister in a heathen country, Egypt.

Xổ số Tp hôm nayGod’s Grace has been evident from creation even through the old testament.

3.0 The revelation of God’s Grace in Jesus Christ:

We will recall that it was by Grace that God created Man and put him in charge of the other living things in this world. Adam frustrated this Grace and this resulted in Man losing his position and also coming under curses.

Xổ số Tp hôm nayHowever God decided in His kindness to restore that Grace at no cost to Man. He paid all the price. In doing this He put together all that man lost together with additional blessings in Jesus Christ to offer free to us. That is why the bible says that Grace and truth came through Jesus Christ, John 1:17. The benefits of this Grace is known to all of us.

4.0 Some of the benefits of this Grace.

  • Forgiveness of sins. Eph.1:7
  • Our deliverance from the kingdom of darkness. Col.1:13
  • Delivering to us, the blessings God promised before creation. Eph.1:3-4
  • Giving us eternal life. John10:10, 1John5:11

4.0 What are the implications of this Grace that Jesus brought to us?

  • We must seek, receive and grow in this grace. Heb.4:16, 2Pet.3:18, John 1:12
  • We must purify our selves. 1John 3:3
  • We must live a live a life of service unto God. Rom.12:1, 2Cor.5:15
  • We must be effective witnesses of Christ’s resurrection. Mk.16:15, Acts 1:8,22

5.0 Why must we seek for Grace?

It is for us to be able to reign in this life. And give divine response to all the challenges we meet here. Rom.5:17

6.0 How do we access Grace?

  • Be born again
  • Through the revelation knowledge of God and Jesus 2 Pet.1:2. We should know that intellectual knowledge does not produce grace. The benefit of intellectual knowledge is that it makes the word available within you for further meditation and prayers. Paul revealed in Heb.4:11 that we need to labour before the knowledge of God can mix with faith.

7.0Xổ số Tp hôm nay We pray that the Lord will help us to access the graces He put in us so that we can reign for Him in this life in Jesus name.  

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