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  • Written by  Prosper Okonkwo

Sunday Service- July 26th 2020


Speaker- Bro Prosper Okonkwo

Text- Deut. 6:4, Deut. 32:39, Is 44:6, 9, Neh. 9:6


Our theme for the year 2020 remains “All Power is given unto me in Heaven and in earthMatt. 28. 18. We started in the last quarter to share on God’s many attributes and there could not have been a better time for such soul lifting messages than now. We continue to be encouraged by the divine revelation we are receiving of these communicable (transferable to us His children in some measure) and incommunicable (those that are unique or exclusive to God alone) attributes. I pray that God permanently engraves all His communicable attributes into us, so that we can increasingly live out His nature in our lives in Jesus Name.

Xổ số Tp hôm nayOur topic for today is “GOD is One”. At first casual glance, it might not seem readily apparent as were many of our earlier topics on this subject that the “Oneness of God” is one of His attributes, but it is my prayer that the Holy Spirit would help unveil this topic fully to us in Jesus Name.


The book of Deuteronomy records God’s charge through Moses to the people of Israel as they moved on to possess neighbouring nations that He had promised their fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Given their recurrent disobedience, Moses kept admonishing them to continue to keep God’s laws and flee idolatry. The latter admonition was particularly indicated, since that was the practice of the surrounding nations they were soon going to conquer and possess.

Deut. 6:4. Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one. NKJV

This is our foundational scripture for today. A few other translations are shown below.

O Israel, listen; Jehovah is our God, Jehovah alone. TLB.

Israel, Remember this, the LORD- and the LORD alone- is our God. GNT

Listen, O Israel! The Lord is our God, the Lord alone. NLT

Xổ số Tp hôm nayFrom these translations, our topic does not solely speak to the need to serve Jehovah in preference to other pagan gods sought by their followers in different circumstances. They have gods of rain, fertility, protection and so on. These pagan gods operate on different terms and relationships of their adherents to them can at the same time be pleasing to some and incurring the wrath of others.

Xổ số Tp hôm nayThe same God that admonished Israel to have no other gods besides Him, is still our God and my prayer is that grace would avail for us to serve JEHOVAH and Him alone in Jesus Name.

There are other characteristics of God inherent in the “oneness of God”, including oneness in the perspective of the Trinity, as well as regarding the exclusivity and uniqueness of God. Our message today would dwell more on the “oneness of God” in the context of “The LORD alone”, along the lenses of His exclusivity and uniqueness.

He alone is God

The Lord our God is absolutely God, and there is none other. He, and He alone, is Jehovah. By His will, He made Himself known to Israel and through His Son Jesus, He has done same to us. Heb. 1:1-2. This God alone is infinitely and eternally perfect, self-existent and self-sufficient.

God’s uniqueness can be manifested as:

1. The only true God. Jer. 10.10, I Thes. 1:9b.

2. The only eternal God. Is 40:28, Romans 16:26

3. The only living God. 1 Sam 17:26, Jer. 10:10, Act 14:15

4. The only God who is divine by nature and essence. Gal 4:8 (AMP)

5. The only Creator. Is 37:16, 44:26.

Additionally, God is our sustainer, and we should put all our trust in Him. Col 1:16-17. To know that our Father in heaven is the Creator and sustainer of all things is a great source of strength and peace.

Like the Israelites to whom Deut. 6:4 was addressed, many people in our time still prefer to place their trust in many different values, belief systems and other “gods”. The Lord Himself would deliver us from any and every attractions to other gods in Jesus Name.

Deut. 32:39.

Don’t you understand? I am the only God; There are no others. I am the one who takes life and gives it again. I punished you, but now I will heal you and nothing can stop me. CEV

Do you understand?........Xổ số Tp hôm nayWe should understand and apply this truth to our lives. He alone is God. He alone is absolutely sovereign. He has the power of life and death! Since life and death are in His hands, He alone deserves our reverence. When we fear Him, we have nothing else to fear.

Xổ số Tp hôm nayHe will resurrect every death things in our lives, families, church and nation in Jesus Name By His almighty sovereign power, He would trouble all our troublers, including this raging pandemic in Jesus Name.

As we reverence Him alone as our God in all things, He will relent in His anger and heal our land and the nations of the world from this noise some pestilence in the name of Jesus.

Our destinies are in His hands alone and He is in charge of very season of our lives Is 44:6, 9.

Thus says the Lord, the King of Israel, And his Redeemer, the Lord of hosts: 'I am the First and I am the Last; Besides Me there is no God. Vs. 6 NKJV

What fools they are who manufacture idols for their gods. Their hopes remain unanswered. They themselves are witnesses that this is so, for their idols neither see nor know. No wonder those who worship them are so ashamed. Vs. 9 TLB

Those people who make idols are nothing themselves, and the idols they treasure are just as worthless. Worshipers of idols are blind, stupid, and foolish. Vs. 9. CEV.

Our Almighty God is the only God and besides Him, there is no other!

Xổ số Tp hôm nayOur unique God is Alpha and Omega! He is eternal

Why go for the powerless idols when the Almighty God is there for us?

What idols are we making and paying attention to besides the only true God? Wealth and accomplishment? Educational and professional attainments? Contacts or connections? These would all fail those who put their trust in them.

NEH. 9:6

Xổ số Tp hôm nayThe above scripture was part of the confession of the Israelites for their sins after they separated themselves from all foreigners.

You alone are God….. Creator of heavens and earth….

He gives life to everything

He providentially cares for His creation. Neh 9:6c, Matt 10:29, Luke 12:7

All creation worship You O Lord. Only You deserve our praise and the Glory


  • We must always remember in all our actions that the LORD- and the LORD alone-is our God. 6:4 GNT. He will be our God forever! Psalm 48:14
  • Since our Father is the creator and sustainer of all things, we should be at peace, always confident that He is able to see us through all challenges of life. He is sovereign and in charge and in control of good and evil. Job 2:3, 6.
  • He alone is God and this demands that we serve Him with all our heart, with all our soul and with all our Strength. 6:5
  • Our knowledge that God alone is the only God, should engender enduring unity in the body of Christ
  • Are there idols we are manufacturing in our lives? Is 44:9 TLB. There shouldn’t be any idols competing with the Almighty in our lives.


  • All our crowns must be cast before the throne of Jesus. Rev 4:10-11
  • We must depend on Him completely, since He is both creator and sustainer of all things.
  • Our values, belief systems and priorities must align with the perfect will of God
  • Holiness and the fear of God should be our way of life.
  • We should dedicate our life to Him in service with all the resources at our disposal.


  • Worship Him for the privilege of our inheritance in this unique and exclusive God
  • Pray for grace to put all of our trust in Him as the only God. Proverbs 3:5-6
  • Help us O Lord to always cast our crowns before your throne
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit would continue to reveal the person of Jesus to us in increasing measure as our only Lord and Saviour.
  • Pray for the perfect realization of the sovereignty of Jehovah as the only God in our days. 14:9.
  • Pray for resurrection of every dead things in our lives, families, church and nation.
  • May death come upon the Spirit behind the pandemic of COVID-19
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